English Writing for Executives

English Writing for Executives

About the Course/Seminar
Our English Writing for Executives course and seminar are designed specifically for business executives who need to better their English in order to be more effective. Participants who take this course will improve both their English writing and speaking skills which will increase their effectiveness in the global market.

Target Group
Business executives who want to improve their business English skills are invited to join either the English Writing for Executives course or seminar.

Participants can take either the English for Executives course or seminar and will leave feeling more secure in their ability to communicate effectively in the business world. This important skill will make it easier for them to add value to their customers and companies.

Material will be provided for the participants when they meet for the course or seminar. Please note that material for the course will be adjusted to the specific needs of the executives.

The course/seminar content will be taken from the following topics:
  •         Negotiating
  •         Being polite and diplomatic
  •         Networking
  •         Arranging a meeting
  •         Opening a meeting
  •         Accurate communication
  •         Communicating across cultures
  •         Introducing yourself in a meeting
  •         Moving through an agenda
  •         Keeping a meeting on track
  •         Summarizing
  •         Dealing with disagreement
  •         Dealing with sensitive, difficult issues
  •         Ending a meeting

English for Executives is offered as either a one-day intensive seminar or a two-day intensive course. Please note that there is an option for a course that meets for five sessions over the course of 10-15 weeks. Please contact us for more information.

All participants who successfully complete a course or seminar will receive a diploma. Please contact us for more information.
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Kursisternes Oplevelser

Underviseren havde god indlevelsesevne til at vurdere niveau og improvisere når et bestemt problem blev rejst.

Mogens Solgaard,
Axiell Scandinavia A/S

Det har været et godt kursus, som jeg bestemt kan anbefale til andre. M.v.h. Lene.

Lene Bentzen Sørensen,
Sydbank A/S

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