Learn To Speak a Language Online Via Skype

Learn To Speak a Language Online Via Skype

Have you ever wanted to express yourself better in another language?
Have you ever wanted a flexible way of learning a language?
Has your use of a language ever been misunderstood?
Want to learn a new language or improve?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. Choose a language. If you are interested in a language that is not shown please let us know by contacting one of our offices on the left, we have teachers in all major languages.

Learn To Speak
Danish Online
Learn To Speak
English Online
Learn To Speak
Spanish Online

Aim of this Online Language Learning Course

  •         To Improve your pronounciation and clarity.
  •         To understand and be understood.
  •         Converse more expressively and with confidence.
  •         Use a more varied and more advanced vocabulary.
  •         All of these aims are applicable to business as well as personal conversation.

Brief Details - Language Learning Course Online

  •         Flexible arrangements for learning times.
  •         A versatile course structure so you can gain maximum benefit.
  •         Course can be adjusted to suit the your needs.
  •         You will be tutored by an experienced qualified language teacher.
  •         Communication is via Skype.

Learn To Speak a Language
Online Via Skype
Skype software is free to use. No telephone charges. You will need a PC with a camera, sound and a microphone to communicate.

What's included in the Price

  •         Free meeting with teacher with regard to organization of the course.
  •         Expert advice and constructive feedback from your tutor.
  •         Flexiblity - course adjusted to suit your needs. Ideal for busy professionals.

Vi ser frem til dit opkald eller skriftlige henvendelse. Vi besvarer altid din forespørgsel inden for 24 timer.

Vi kan kontaktes på mail: dorte@intcom.dk
eller ring
7026 2460
eller udfyld skemaet nedenfor:

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Kursisternes Oplevelser

Underviseren havde god indlevelsesevne til at vurdere niveau og improvisere når et bestemt problem blev rejst.

Mogens Solgaard,
Axiell Scandinavia A/S

Det har været et godt kursus, som jeg bestemt kan anbefale til andre. M.v.h. Lene.

Lene Bentzen Sørensen,
Sydbank A/S

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